Welcome to the TOTAL SHOTOKAN KARATE website

We are a progressive, friendly Shotokan Karate Group based in London & Hertfordshire who are dedicated to teaching Shotokan Karate as a complete Martial Art. 

We are open to people of all ages and abilities.

The Launch of Total Shotokan Karate

Introduction Total Shotokan Karate was formed in 2018, by senior instructors Adam Cockfield & Dan White. At Total Shotokan Karate we truly believe that Karate is for everyone and offer a structured teaching programme to cater for all ages and abilities. We are proud of and celebrate the Japanese roots of our art, however we …

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Kids Class Taking Off!

The KCSKC Kids Class is taking off in a big way.   Starting from humble beginnings, we have progressed to  11 regular student, all training hard!   Student of the Month We’ve launched our student of the Month award, which is given to the most deserving student.   This doesn’t go to the best or …

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New Kids Class Success!

KCSKC opened it’s new kids class in November with great success. Week 1 was a slow affair with only three students – two beginner children & one adult parent who had trained before.   However, all three were enthusiastic and trained hard in an enjoyable introductory class. Week 2 was a completely different!   Winton …

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Dave Hazard Sensei Course

Nine members of the London Dojo made the trip to the Hemel Honbu Dojo to train with Dave Hazard Sensei. I’ve said it many times in class but in my opinion, Hazard Sensei is the best Shotokan instructor I have ever trained with.  Unlike most instructors he teaches a truly rounded version of Shotokan which …

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